Social Responsibility Projects


We support the protection of the World Heritage Ayvalık Marine Ecosystem with our staff. Savaşlar Team in the World Heritage Ayvalık Marine Ecosystem. Our team regularly dives in Ayvalık Ecosystem.  Our staff carries out activities to protect the ecosystem. They fight against illegal hunting.

We take an active role in World Environment Day and we support similar activities


Support of Savaşlar for “I Walk with OBİDEV” Project,

The fashion show called "I am walking with Obidev," which was organized for the Benefit of Foundation Supporting Autistic Individuals, was held on Friday, March 15, 2019, at Balıkesir Balkonuk Center. In the event, the 2019 trend of fashion designer Esin Özyiğit, who is from Balıkesir, consisting of 18 evening dresses and 12 wedding dresses, was presented by such professional models as Simge Tertemiz and Chloe Loughnan.

The event, hosted by Özlem Yıldız, undertook a special social responsibility mission


As Savaşlar, we sponsored the film made about Çanakkale Victory with the co-production of  Balıkesir University, Dokuz Eylül University, and Celal Bayar University. Selçuk Savaş, General Manager of Savaşlar, took part in the film as Captain.



We helped to prevent food waste.