With the entrepreneurship of Prof. Sabri SAVAŞ, a veteran of the industrial cooling sector, our company started its operations in 20 m² workplace in Balıkesir and continued its activities with the production of cold storage device, door, and commercial refrigerator with the addition of 30 m² workshop in a short time. Today, the workplace where the company was founded is symbolically open and our dialogue with our old tradesmen continues. 


Production capacity was increased by building a 100 m² new workshop in a separate area.


With the addition of 250 m² to the new workplace, production variety and capacity have been increased with the new worktops.


Completing their education in the engineering field,  the 2nd generation started to take place in the management of the company. Representing the 2nd generation, the first representative joining the company, Selçuk SAVAŞ defines the next generations as follows: “We were successful students and learned a lot from the technical profession experts. Since then, our aim has always been to be honest to our customers, employees, government and suppliers, and always in an effort to fulfill our commitment. ”   


Our company became a Limited Company. Oğuz SAVAŞ joined the company management. We continued to diversify and develop our production activities with designs.


Today, our expert staff working in our modern production facility with only 400 m² R&D Center, in cooperation with academics, we started the first investments of our facility, which we aim to bring innovative products to the industry, especially low energy consumption environmentally friendly devices.


800 m² production facility was built on our current factory land. An electrostatic powder coating facility was established. We improved our activities by increasing our quality. Ertuğrul SAVAŞ, one of the company partners, joined the company management.


Production was started by establishing the Polyurethane Panel Line.


A new factory building covering 2500 m²  was built. Quality production was developed with new machinery and equipment. Export markets were increased by participating in foreign fairs.


The design and production of a 45-meter panel press line, belonging to our company, was commissioned with an additional injection machine and the capacity was increased.


The new field additions covering 2500 m² were made to the factory building and the capacity was increased.


The total factory area has been increased to 8000 m², and the door production area, raw material, and semi-finished stock areas, and welding workshop have been improved. Land investment was made in Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone.


Within the framework of the investment focus, 6000 m² second factory building was built; the production of refrigerated vehicle bodies, trailers, and container type cold stores for vehicles, which are the important link of the cold chain, was started with the FRISAV brand in the Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone.


An investment and trading company was established in order to strengthen the export volume and commercial activities to Uzbekistan.


With the factory investment made in Free Trade Zone in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, the production of Polyurethane Panel was started under the brand “PANELSAV.”

Our company SAVAŞLAR LTD ŞTİ, which has signed many domestic and international projects,  is one of the leading companies in its sector that has aimed to fulfill its responsibilities towards its customers, employees, suppliers and sector companies since 1981. Up to today, the company has defined its mission as providing innovative, low energy consumption, high efficiency, long-lasting and environmentally friendly products to the cooling industry.